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James Smith

James Smith

James Smith is a co-founder of Hakkiri. With over 20 years in technology he has been instrumental in numerous transformative initiatives as an engineer and executive. As the Senior Managing Director of Engineering at Eze Software Group, James brought 3 legacy organizations, spanning 350+ people at 7 sites around the world, together as a unified team. He guided process modernization and technology adoption to enable the business to move into the cloud. These experiences have given him deep insights into organizational change and how the culture of technology teams can impact results.

Recent posts by James Smith

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What embracing Full Stack Engineering can do for your career

By James Smith on Dec 5, 2019 12:32:55 PM

One of the key values of our company is to Dominate. Dominate everything you do, take extreme ownership, and continuously push your knowledge and abilities to new levels. A Full Stack mentality enables Domination. Rather than limiting yourself to exclusively Backend Engineer or Frontend Engineer, you are a Full Stack Engineer, capable of learning what is needed in any part of the Stack and implementing it yourself. Commit, and don’t sell yourself short. Cloud technologies, like these 5, have been providing fantastic building blocks that enable engineers to build across the Stack more easily than ever. We previously discussed the benefits of Full Stack Engineering that your company will get. Now let’s talk about how it’s valuable to you and your career growth. It's a great time to be an engineer, so unshackle yourself, and be a Full Stack Engineer. 

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4 min read

5 SaaS Technologies that Accelerate Full Stack Engineering

By James Smith on Nov 10, 2019 2:06:46 PM

As a business that needs to deliver quickly, we like to keep as much of our focus as possible on our products and services. We  believe in Full Stack Engineering and prefer SaaS technologies that enable our team to own delivering end-to-end. Every book or blog post on startups you read will, rightly, tell you to build what's special about you, and to use vendors for undifferentiated heavy lifting. At Hakkiri, we’ve benefited a lot from this mindset and wanted to share the technologies that most accelerated our MVP to market. 

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3 min read

Dominate your Product Roadmap with a Full Stack Engineering Culture

By James Smith on Nov 5, 2019 8:06:45 PM

Welcome to Hakkiri’s Engineering blog! At its core, Hakkiri was founded with the mission to help agile teams thrive by seamlessly creating delivery insights while teams stay focused on delivering product. 

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