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Robert Orefice

Robert Orefice

Robert Orefice is a co-founder of Hakkiri. He has previously served in senior leadership roles across Technology, Product and Portfolio/Program Management at Eze Software Group, WebMD and Aetion. In each of these roles he has directed Agile transformations with an emphasis on blending the right mix of tools and processes to drive a great team culture, while also giving the necessary visibility to executive stakeholders. Previous to his work in the software industry, Robert spent over 12 years as a microprocessor design engineer and methodology lead at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The process discipline, iterative engineering workflows, and demanding quality requirements from the semiconductor industry have enabled him to bring a unique perspective into Agile software development.

Recent posts by Robert Orefice

3 min read

How to Recruit and Train for the Agile Program Manager Role

By Robert Orefice on Oct 30, 2019 9:18:46 PM

Our last post discussed how The Agile Program Manager is the most important role you don't have.  Perhaps you're now convinced you need to establish an Agile Program and appoint yourself an Agile Program Manager.  Here we discuss how to go about deciding who should fill the role and how to train them.

Topics: Agile Culture
4 min read

The Agile Program Manager: The most important role you don't have

By Robert Orefice on Oct 27, 2019 10:09:09 PM

At Hakkiri, we have found that a powerful way to scale Agile successfully is to establish an Agile Program.  In establishing this program, a key part is to ensure someone is given the role of the Agile Program Manager.

Topics: Agile Process
4 min read

How do you scale Agile successfully? Establish an Agile Program.

By Robert Orefice on Oct 21, 2019 9:36:58 AM

A lot is said in the world of Agile product development that there is no one-sized-fits-all approach. There is a lot of truth to this especially when you consider that each company has their own unique starting point. While this could imply that you need a highly customized approach,  we at Hakkiri believe that there are some practical patterns to achieve Business Agility without it being as convoluted or daunting as many make it.

Topics: Agile Process