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How Hakkiri helps Litera bridge product & engineering delivery

Litera, the world’s leading provider of legal workflow and workspace technology, has been using Hakkiri since September of 2019 and is a valued voice of feedback and insights. We sat down with Eric Brown (virtually, of course), Sr. Manager Product Operations, to discuss how Litera uses Hakkiri to bridge the gap between their product strategy and engineering teams which enhances their ability to deliver with predictability.

"Hakkiri is the missing link between Jira and your roadmapping tool"

- Eric Brown, Sr. Manager Product Operations, Litera



I’m responsible for driving successful outcomes from product releases and key program-level processes. We are currently a team of 19 Product Managers & Owners and 7 Scrum Masters…and growing!

Hakkiri helps bring clarity into how well we are actually progressing on our product releases, initiatives, and strategic themes as well as surfaces operational inefficiencies at the team level. These insights are used to help identify areas of risk faster so that we can take any corrective actions quickly to mitigate those risks, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and ultimately give us the best possible chance at success.

Before Hakkiri we were limited to qualitative feedback from each team, coupled with using many JQL queries and Jira dashboards. This was painful, because while the health and overall success of our releases are measured by more than "Did we do all of the work in Jira that we committed to?" we could not easily identify how well we were tracking delivery progress, team-by-team, release-by-release. 



We utilize Jira for managing our team-level backlogs and Hakkiri has a robust integration that was very quick and easy to setup. We simply map a Board from Jira to a Team in Hakkiri and never think about it again unless we need to add a new team. The integration keeps all the related Issues, Epics, and Sprints up to date in real-time.

We also use Aha! to build our roadmap, but we had no means of getting more granular in tracking progress on our strategic themes and initiatives other than just reporting on which Epics were completed already and which ones weren't. And despite how well-organized we were with Epic management, reporting on how much time/effort we were spending on the roadmap vs. maintenance was PAINFUL.

But with Hakkiri we’re able to easily link our Epics into deliverables that track our roadmap using simple drag & drop workflows.  From there, progress is tracked automatically for us and that saves us a ton of time with being able to easily dive into just about anything you can imagine, like:

  • % Complete
  • Projected Completion Dates
  • Flow analysis and scope change
  • How effort is broken out thematically (i.e. customer-driven, maintenance, strategic work, etc.)
  • and more

...but the true value is being able to surface potential problems you didn't know existed and might not have otherwise tracked. Enabling us to take corrective actions sooner and celebrate when we're on/ahead of schedule.

This is why when I describe Hakkiri to people I tell them it’s the missing link between Jira and their existing roadmap tool.



In the time we’ve used Hakkiri it's only gotten better and better. They value customer feedback and want our teams to be as successful as possible and respond quickly to feedback. They’re passionate about building software and the teams that do it.

Within our team, I’ve come to appreciate how the insights in Hakkiri help us keep subjective/qualitative updates on progress and emotions in check. Making more informed data-driven decisions helps us deliver more value to our customers.

If you think about some of the most embarrassing problems you could have as a leader in R&D… most of them can be solved by answering some simple questions…

  • Are we actually working on what we said we'd be working on?

  • How well are we tracking on commitments?

  • Are we spread too thin and not focused enough?

  • Are we managing and refining our backlogs effectively?

Hakkiri helps us stay on top of all of that!


About Litera
Litera is the world’s leading provider of legal workflow and workspace technology. Hundreds of organizations around the globe trust Litera to help their legal teams draft, collaborate, and manage their work, so they can focus more time on what really matters to the people they serve.
Location: Chicago, IL
Industry: Computer Software
Company Size: 300 to 500

James Smith

Written by James Smith

James Smith is a co-founder of Hakkiri. With over 20 years in technology he has been instrumental in numerous transformative initiatives as an engineer and executive. As the Senior Managing Director of Engineering at Eze Software Group, James brought 3 legacy organizations, spanning 350+ people at 7 sites around the world, together as a unified team. He guided process modernization and technology adoption to enable the business to move into the cloud. These experiences have given him deep insights into organizational change and how the culture of technology teams can impact results.