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Why Software Delivery needs real-time navigation


Being predictable and meeting commitments is critically important in business. For software organizations, a big part of being predictable means hitting delivery goals which requires constantly trying to solve a multi-variable equation balancing time, scope, priorities, and resources where quality stays fixed.

It’s challenging for software leaders to juggle all these elements and build complicated software. This is why we coach organizations on appreciating the realities of managing modern software delivery as an inherently dynamic task that should optimize for maximizing the value of what can be delivered based on the realities of these variables.


Don’t expect managers to predict the future. Expect them to manage the present to produce the best future outcome possible” - Hakkiri


In a previous Blog, Robert Orefice talked about 6 Challenges to Predictable Delivery in Agile and here we'll discuss how having a real-time navigation system can improve predictability.

So let’s illustrate with an example navigation scenario from the physical world that most people can relate to: A Daily Commute



Even in today’s world of Zoom meetings and social distancing many of us still have car trips that we take regularly (or can remember doing so). We leave our homes to head to work, soccer practice, piano lessons, or that quiet spot by the beach. And even when we’ve taken this trip 100 times most of us will still turn on Google Maps or Waze as we get on the road.

Why do we do that?…We know our destination is 6 miles away and takes 15 minutes to get there. Because our experiences tell us that we really don’t know what the conditions are like until we are actually out on the road, and that 15 minutes in our heads is just an estimation of an expected likely case.

If the traffic is clear, the estimate may be spot on. But maybe there is construction backing things up. That 15-minute trip suddenly becomes 30 minutes when every lane but 1 is closed due to repaving. So you turn on that real-time navigation so that you can better see and adapt to the actual conditions ahead of you. The alerts in advance warn you to take a different route, and have the best shot of getting to your destination when you wanted to. And knowing an updated ETA lets you can call (using hands-free) the friend you are meeting to let them know you will be late.


Why we need real-time navigation for software delivery

Modern software organizations recognize these realities and its why agile methodologies have become industry best practices. Agile is built with the understanding that uncertainty is inherent to the process. But the tools teams use have not kept pace with providing the real-time navigation needed to maximize value delivery….until now.

Hakkiri was built to provide real-time navigation of software delivery with views tailored to maximize efficiency and give you up-to-minute visibility so teams can stay focused on delivering. You can see:

  1. Overall summary of goals and progress
  2. Progress and alignment by team
  3. Breakdowns of progress by deliverable and status
  4. Status details viewable as a Tree, Timeline, or Flow
  5. Activity indicators showing work that is aligned and not aligned to your deliverable

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 12.06.51 PM

With Hakkiri you can easily Plan, Track, and Report on deliverable goals that stay current in real-time. Enabling Leaders to focus on actively coarse-correcting the path of their deliverables. Because it’s the small adjustments made today that prevent large misses in scope or delivery date. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased Team Productivity: Our automated tracking means more time spent on delivery and less distractions
  • Scale Project Management: Project managers stay focused on enabling delivery and tackling problems, not toiling over spreadsheets
  • Increased Predictability: Our alerts and predictions eliminate last minute surprises and improve expectations management of customers and stakeholders

Navigate your product roadmap with confidence using Hakkiri!


Hakkiri Helps You Deliver Software Predictably™

Hakkiri empowers software organizations with our Continuous Clarity Engine™ to deliver products with speed and predictability. Our platform’s deep analytics surface insights that go to the core of what limits the ability to predict the completion of software deliverables. We know these problems because we’ve faced them and solved them. Stay tuned to our blog as we delve more into this space. In the meantime, check out our product page to learn more on how our platform can help you.

James Smith

Written by James Smith

James Smith is a co-founder of Hakkiri. With over 20 years in technology he has been instrumental in numerous transformative initiatives as an engineer and executive. As the Senior Managing Director of Engineering at Eze Software Group, James brought 3 legacy organizations, spanning 350+ people at 7 sites around the world, together as a unified team. He guided process modernization and technology adoption to enable the business to move into the cloud. These experiences have given him deep insights into organizational change and how the culture of technology teams can impact results.